What they have done

Often client agencies come to CWI with problems that are difficult to assess and define. In all systems the emotional, logistical, and operational challenges of providing safety, permanence and well-being for at-risk children and families take their toll on workers and systems.

"The CWI approach exposes the difficult realities within the systems, and through 'effective helping' we provide various tools that do more than cover up the symptoms."

CWI will challenge our clients to view their problems from a new perspective. This leads to "ownership" and ultimate success.

What they think

CWI has published extensively on the theory, practice and implementation of child welfare services. Here, we welcome you to take advantage of our thoughts and observations.

Thomas D. Morton, President and CEO of CWI, has authored and co-authored materials covering the entire scope of child welfare. Appearing originally within the CWI-published newsletters, "Ideas In Action", "CWI Commentary" and "CWI Profiles", his writings along with those of other prominent theorists and practitioners in the field are presented here for your use.


How they work

Although every challenge is unique, the end objective is the same - a child welfare system that is focused on assuring the safety, permanence and well-being of the children and families it serves.

"CWI has developed and field-tested programs that are proven to work effectively, and we make them available in a variety of ways. These Performance Development Systems are grouped under the headings of Foster & Adoptive, Organizational, and Customized Solutions. "

Please review the descriptions of these programs. Whether a customized application or an "off-the-shelf" solution appeals to you, all our service offerings provide the consultation, implementation and support at the level you require.